Terms and Conditions


  1. Every artist must register to take part in the Festival. If artists are sharing a venue each artist in that venue must pay the registration fee. It is not acceptable to exhibit and sell work on behalf of another artist without registering that artist.
  2. All work must be original and must be the work of the registered artist. There should be no manufactured or ‘bought in’ artwork, crafts, ceramics or textiles.
  3. The use of the venue is an arrangement between the artist and the venue owner. Artists must ensure that the owner of the venue is aware that the venue is being used as an exhbition space. The artist must ensure the owner gives permission for it to be used as a gallery during the festival. The artist must establish with the owner how they may exhibit eg. if they are allowed to put additional picture hooks in the walls. Any damage made to the property as a result of the exhibition must be rectified. Artists must make their own arrangements with the venue owner for access and display prior to the Festival.
  4. Artists requiring a venue should register online and then complete the application form stating they are an ‘artist without a venue’.
  5. All venues must display their venue number. Any venue without a number and who has failed to register will be considered not part of the Festival and will be unfairly benefiting from the festival at the expense of other artists.
  6. All artists must agree to donate 10% of their takings to the Festival and should complete and return their commission forms whether they have sold anything or not.
  7. Registration opens in January 2024 and closes on 31st March 2024. After 31st march 2024 the online registration system will no longer function and no further applications will be accepted. In previous years we have had disappointed artists who did not register in time!
  8. All artists must register to be included in the Festival brochure.
  9. Commercants who make their own art objects with a shop in Monflanquin pay no charges.
  10. Monflanquin residents may exhibit for a small charge of 10€ and they must agree to pay 10% commission on sales. The definition we use for a Monflanquin resident is that their postal address ends "47150 MONFLANQUIN".
  11. All other artists including who are not resident in Monflanquin, must register and pay the registration fee of 50€. This fee has remained unchanged.
  12. There are a limited number of houses and public buildings made available as galleries to the Festival. Artists may be asked to share a space with another artist. Not all galleries will be in ‘prime-position’. Artists should ensure they are satisfied with the venue offered before accepting a place in the Festival.
  13. Artists must respect the needs of the permanent residents in regard to the space available in their venue, loading, unloading and parking.
  14. Artists are encouraged to open their gallery on the Friday preview evening from 19:00 to 20:30 (though this is not compulsory). Galleries must agree to open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 – 20:00 on each day with no lunch closure. Galleries are welcome to stay open longer if they wish.
  15. Artists must curate their own exhibition or nominate a stand-in. The Festival organisers are not responsible for any of the exhibits or venues.
  16. All artwork must be delivered and ready to hang at the nominated venue in good time for the preview evening on 14th June 2024.
  17. Each work should be clearly labelled on the back with the name and address of the owner.
  18. On payment to the artist buyers can take the work away at any time. Their cheques should be made payable to the artist.
  19. Artists commission must be paid as soon after the festival as possible either by BACS transfer, Paypal or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to the association ‘Les Amis de Monflanquin’ and delivered to the Treasurer at the end of the Festival or sent by post. Address details will provided in your ‘Artists Pack’ on the festival weekend. Failure to complete a commission form or pay any outstanding commission will result in the artist not being able to participate in subsequent events.
  20. Providing artists have submitted their returns to the Treasurer, payments due to artists under the Festival credit card scheme will be paid within two weeks of the end of the Festival.
  21. Unsold work must be collected at the end of the Festival. The Festival cannot take responsibility for uncollected work.
  22. Artists are responsible for insuring their own work. Public liability insurance will cover the event as a whole and the properties used as galleries. Please note this will cover accidents by the public on the property but it will not cover the contents of the property. Damage and breakages are the responsibility of the venue owner. There is more information about insurance in our FAQs.